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Things To look for when visiting a Boarding Kennel

When deciding on a vacation, one concern should be where to board your pet.  Actually you have a few options.  1. If permisable you may take the pet with you.  This involves contacting many things as far as motels allowing pets, frequent stops,and what to do while you enjoy a night in the town with out your pet.  2.  Have a family member watch your pet for you.  Sometimes family members will "babysit" for you, But if they just stop in 2 times a day the rest of the day your pet is alone and bored.  3.  Locate and visit a Boarding Facility for pets.  Most Boarding Facility Owners live adjacent to the kennel. Which means someone is always available.  Your pet is never alone and can be in company of humans and other pets.

Pickups and Dropoffs

To ensure that your scheduled, ask the kennel owner for the pickup time and dropoff time.  Most kennels have certain hours for this.  Please try to abide by these hours. For any reason you can not,  please contact the kennel owner to make new arrangements.

  What to ask while visiting a Boarding Kennel

After you have made arrangements with a kennel owner, stop in and see what it is all about.  When you approach the kennel remember first impressions are important!  Look for cleanliness, safety of the pens, and smell for bad odors.  Now you must understand most kennels will have your typical doggy smell but should not be overwhelming.   Ask alot of questions.  Any kennel owner should be happy to answer all questions and concerns.  Ask the owner to see where your pet would be staying while it is kenneled.   These areas should be clean and fecal free. Kennels should appear safe and free from hazards as far as wire sticking out, broken down kennels, nails , or anything that could harm your pet.


Most kennels have very reasonable rates.  Whether it is nightly, daily, hourly, or by the week.  Alot of kennels also have discounts to offer to first time boarders, senior citizens, or extended boarding.  Make sure you find all of this out before you make your final arrangements.



Boarding Facilities should have no problem offering references.   Also you may call and check on your pet at anytime.


Alot of Boarding facilities offer alott of extras.  They may also offer Grooming, Exercising, Breeding, Training, and all kinds of pet products.  So make sure you find out what all the Boarding facility has to offer.  If you request to have any thing extra make sure of the price.  Some kennels include daily exercise with the boarding rate.  Its always nice to take home a freshly groomed pet. 

What to bring for your pets stay

This part varies on the Boarding Facility.  Some places may tell you to bring everything but the kitchen sink.  Most kennels allow you to bring blankets, beds, bowls, food, toys, or what ever your pet needs to feel comfortable.  Others may already have everything available.  So all you may need to bring is your pet and its food and also any medication it may need.  Also any emergency contact phone numbers are important and also a phone number of your veterinarian.